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Moving History
“I have had the great pleasure of working with McConnell Building Movers for transporting and placing onto foundations over 17 historic buildings at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village. McConnell Team has always been very professional, detail orientated, and focused at carefully moving very delicate and historically important structures to and onto our historic building museum.”

~ Jim Nakonechny, UCHV Heritage Conservation Technologists
Long-term relationship
"As a Heavy Service & Manufacturing Company, We have been privileged to be associated with McConnell Building Movers since 1983. They have moved five structures for us without a problem. We have been a part of the manufacture of some of their equipment and the maintenance of some. We believe McConnell’s to be the best structural movers in Western Canada with the most advanced equipment and knowledge."

~ Ken Karpowich (President) Ken-Kay Services Inc.
Highly Recommend
"I can't say enough about the professionalism of McConnell Movers, the knowledge they have about moving homes and the care they take in doing the job. I would highly recommend them and would happily personally answer any questions anyone considering the company may have. Contact to me can be made through McConnell Movers."

~ Val Hala
It's a pleasure to write a review of my experiences with McConnell Building Movers. Simply put they have been fantastic. The McConnells, Jim and Jason, have many years of experience behind them combined with state of the art equipment, and a crew that works extremely well as a team. You can't beat that combination. McConnells have moved a number of homes for me as well as a barn build in 1946. Never has there been any worries, only the excitement of the move. With each move I have found the price to be fair, on time and organized. Doug, the driver, always delivers the goods in one piece. His focus is care of the building as well as public safety. I am forever thankful for their all-round exceptional service. If you are looking to have your home moved you will not be disappointed by the McConnells! The photos attached are only a few homes we have moved in the resent past with more to come in the future.

~ J L